February Birthstone: Amethyst

February Birthstone: Amethyst

February is one of the loveliest months of year and February babies are lucky to be blessed with the most magical birthstone of them all––amethyst! Amethyst is a stone that...
فبراير 08, 2023 — Ring Deluxe
January Birthstone: Garnet

January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet, commonly known for it's beautiful red hues, is a symbol of love and ever-lasting friendship and also the birthstone of those lucky ones born in January! In recent years,...
يناير 14, 2023 — Ring Deluxe

Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Love is the air... Valentine's Day is around the corner! Looking for the perfect gift from Ring Deluxe? We listed the Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts to guide you...
فبراير 04, 2021 — Ring Deluxe

What Are The Different Types of Ring Settings?

Here at Ring Deluxe, we strive to provide our customers with all the knowledge we have available to share about rings so that you know exactly what you are purchasing or...
ديسمبر 10, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

Top 10 Wedding & Engagement Rings of 2020

Ring Deluxe is proud to offer real 14K & 18K Gold rings with natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanite diamonds or simulated diamonds - the choice is always yours! We can...
نوفمبر 03, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

What is a Birthstone and What Do They Represent?

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month you were born in. You can wear your birthstone in many different jewelry options like rings, necklace pendants, bracelet pendants, and...
سبتمبر 25, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

How to Clean & Maintain Your Jewelry

If you are wondering how to clean and maintain your jewelry, don't worry you are not the only one! This is a very common question people sometimes feel embarrassed to...
سبتمبر 11, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

How To Make a Custom Ring

So you're looking to make your own custom ring... a ring that you are able to say is unique and beautiful and the only one like it in the world....
أغسطس 25, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

Pick Your Pear

The jewelry industry has evolved and developed a lot in terms of designs, color, and look of the pieces. The classic round or square forms are now being replaced by...
يونيو 22, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

How To Choose The Right Ring (For Him)

Rings are arguably the most amazing and emotional products of all jewelry pieces. A stunning ring wrapped in a beautiful gift package is sure to bring happiness to the recipient. Whether you're obtaining a perfect ring for your husband on father's day or just gifting a random friend, you should ensure that you pick a ring that they'll love.
يونيو 12, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

How To Find Your Ring Size

Having trouble finding your ring size? This is completely understandable and common, but we can help! We have put together three of the easiest ways you can find your ring size from...
مايو 28, 2020 — Ring Deluxe

Ring Deluxe Best Sellers

When it comes to picking jewelry, the choices are usually defined by two things: personal likings and trends. Each season introduces something new in terms of jewelry. However, many stay...
مايو 25, 2020 — Ring Deluxe