A birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month you were born in. You can wear your birthstone in many different jewelry options like rings, necklace pendants, bracelet pendants, and much more. Do you know what birthstone is yours and what is represents? Let's see which one belongs to you! 

January(Garnet): Garnet is said to keep you safe during travel, and derives from the latin term meaning seed because it resembles that of a pomegranate seed. The garnet balances energy, inspires love, and balances the sex drive. It will boost your self confidence and help you let go of old habits!

February(Amethyst): If you were born in the month of February, your birthstone is Amethyst. Amethysts provides courage and strengthens relationships. The word derives from the greek term "amethystos" meaning "sober" and is therefore believed to guard against intoxication. 

March(Aquamarine): This birthstone symbolizes youth, health, and hope. Aquamarine is reminiscent of the sea since its colors can range from pale to deep blue. 

April(Quartz/Diamond): This birthstone symbolizes romance and enduring love. It derives from the greek term "Adamas" meaning invincible. 

May(Emerald): Emerald is said to symbolizes fertility, rebirth, and love. This stone was even dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty by the Ancient Romans. Also signifies wisdom, growth, and patience. 

June(Pearl/Alexandrite/Moonstone): If you were born in the month of June, your birthstone symbolizes love, passion, and fertility. It is also believed to bring you good luck and is associate with both Roman and Greek lunar deities. 

July(Ruby): Ruby is the king of gems and symbolizes love, health, and wisdom. It is believed to bestow good fortune. 

August(Peridot): August babies, your birthstone is Periodt. This stone symbolizes strength. Deriving from volcanic ashes, it is believed to be the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. Setting this gem in gold is believed to protect you from nightmares.

September(Sapphire): Sapphire symbolizes purity and wisdom. Guarding against evil and poisoning, It is believed that if you placed a venomous snake in a vessel made of sapphire it would die. 

October(Tourmaline/Opal): If you were born in the month, your birthstone is Opal. This stone is often used to celebrate the 14th year of marriage. 

November(Citrine/Topaz): These stones symbolize love and fondness, and are believed to provide strength and wisdom. 

December(Turquoise/Tanzanite/Zircon): These stones are said to provide you with guidance, strength, and wisdom.

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