The jewelry industry has evolved and developed a lot in terms of designs, color, and look of the pieces. The classic round or square forms are now being replaced by the most different shapes that bring uniqueness and individuality both to the jewelry piece and the person wearing it. Although some might prefer the classics, there is particularly one shape that has made a boom on the market and instantly became lovable – the pear shape.

The pear-shaped jewelry, especially the rings, provides an extraordinary look on the hand of the person wearing it. They can come in many different colors, finishes, additional details and sizes. All of them are unique and hold their own story. So, we at Ring Deluxe are challenging you – pick your favorite pear!


Semra is currently the trendiest and number one choice among the women. It brings difference and diversity, and in combination with the pear shape, it provides an extraordinary look. The simulated diamonds fill out the handle of the ring as well as the pear frame, while the center is shiny and eye-captivating. 


For those who love vintage, the pear-shaped Ofelia ring is what will make a difference from afar. The pear-shaped diamond is safely held by the ring itself. The coat is silver and it goes very well with any outfit. The halo adds the finishing touch to this beauty. 


The Lucile ring presents a combination between a pear-shaped jewel and a classic band. The simulated diamond  create a piece of jewelry that shows elegance and style. 


Classic, shiny, dominant, and eye-catching, this is the ring that will always be dominant. All in one color, with a silver finish and high shine, the Natalia ring is both classic and trendy. Full of shiny stones all around it, its exquisite elegance is something unbeatable, with a timeless style. 


If the classic ring is not interesting for you, why not go with a pear band ring. The luxurious look it provides cannot be compared to anything similar, and the dominance of pear-shaped jewels will instantly become a favorite day-and-night jewelry piece. 

Not so easy choices right?

Ring Deluxe