February is one of the loveliest months of year and February babies are lucky to be blessed with the most magical birthstone of them all––amethyst! Amethyst is a stone that has long been associated with good health, wealth, longevity and peace. In this blog post, we’ll explore all things amethyst: its history, meanings, properties and where you can buy stunning pieces to celebrate your special month.
The first references to amethyst date back thousands of years to ancient civilizations who believed the gem was a symbol of strength and courage. The deeper purple stones were seen as even more powerful and they were often worn in jewelry by kings and queens of Majesty.
Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is made up primarily of silicon dioxide. The color can range from a light lavender to deep purples depending on its origin. Though it is not as hard as some other nicer gems like diamonds, it does have great durability over time so that it won’t easily chip or break.
When it comes to carrying metaphysical properties, amethysts are said to be powerful healing crystals that can help protect against negative energy, promote harmony in relationships and inspire creativity. It also has many emotional benefits for those born in February such as providing clarity of thought and aiding relaxation after stressful situations.
Now that you know a little bit about the beautiful stone associated with your birth month here are some of our Amethyst options. 
February babies―go forth and find yourself an exquisite piece of amethyst jewelry that celebrates your special day!
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