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Ring Deluxe Best Sellers

When it comes to picking jewelry, the choices are usually defined by two things: personal likings and trends. Each season introduces something new in terms of jewelry. However, many stay true to their likings and style and tend to always buy something similar or close to their established taste.

Considering both of the factors mentioned above, the best sellers at Ring Deluxe come exactly from this. We put together this list to help you make your next choice!

The MILAN Ring

Milan is a three stone heart ring that is extremely modern and eye-catching. The three stones come in unique heart and lovable shape, the middle one quite bigger than the side ones. Safely held in a frame that is connected to the handle, this is the ring the will leave an impression wherever you go.

The LENA Ring

Quite different than Milan, our Lena ring tells a different story. It is an eternity band ring full of oval stones, which is extra popular among celebrities these days. All of the stones come perfectly aligned one next to the other, with a round silver sterling band that keeps them together. This is a ring that is elegant, chic, and modern. 


This is a ring that makes a statement, that shines from afar and that shows the quality of stones for every eye, at every angle. Our Celeste ring is full of gems – both on the centerpiece stone and the handle. The main stone is round while the handle of the ring is filled with smaller stones. She's also available in a Silver finish


From the popular pear-shaped rings, Natalia is the one that leaves quite the impression. Excellent as an engagement ring or just a luxurious jewelry choice, Natalia will catch all the eyes regardless of where you are. The handle is filled will small gems that almost cover the entire ring, while the top is dominated by the huge pear-shaped gem. This is definitely a must-have.


Caroline is one of our personal favorites. She's available in a Silver, Gold or Rose Gold finish. Extraordinary and beautiful, this is the ring that leaves an inexplicable statement. The handle comes in rose gold coating with small inserted gems. The top gem has a rectangle shape that is elegant and dominant.  

So... What's your pick?


We specialize in 925 Sterling Silver & 14K Solid Gold jewelry made with CZ, Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds.

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